Brookes Beauty Bowl

Recipe #13 is the first one to fall into the “raw” category.  I named this one a “beauty bowl” because it is chalk full of good-for-you foods that are AMAZING for both the functioning of your body, as well as the way you look.  Allow me to explain.

In this particular dish, you will find:

Mango– chalk full of antioxidants that can help aid against cancer, unclog skins pores, a lot of vitamins and nutrients to help the body feel fuller, helps strengthen your immune system, and is a great source of iron.

Sweet Potato– keeps skin smooth and cell division running smoothly, regenerates collagen, great for healthy hair and beauty sleep.  Helps keep you feeling full without the glycemic spike that can contribute to blemishes.

Spinach– highly nourishing to the eyes and the liver, and it contains compounds that protect the lining of the digestive tract from inflammation.  Bone strengthening vitamin K is also found in spinach.

Pomegranate– awesome anti-aging powers are found in these tiny ruby seeds.  Prevents aging inflammation in the body, helps keep our circulatory systems young by boosting blood flow to organs and cells.  A powerful cleaner of lymph and blood for clear, radiant skin.

Avocado– one of the healthiest sources of fat in nature.  They burn easily for energy and fire up the natural detox process in the liver, which helps skin stay clear. Avocados assist the body in detox, DNA repair and reducing inflammation the skin.  They are also a great source of protein.

Red Pepper– anti inflammatory, chemoprotective, circulation boosting and anti-aging.  Red peppers pack a major health bang for your buck.  These are just some of the benefits that come from peppers.  Also great sources of B vitamins for healthy hair and firmer skin.

Goat Cheese– low in calories, low in fat and cholesterol, low in sodium, filled with proteins, high in vitamins D, K, niacin and thiamine.

Falafel– while the falafal I used is not entirely “raw,” its still pretty dang good for you (assuming its not fried, which mine was not).  Its low in calories, high in fiber and contains proteins and healthy fats.

To some, that particular mixture of ingredients may sound suspect and potentially not very tasty (pomegranate mixed with goat cheese and sweet potato?), but I can assure you, it tastes awesome all together.  Trust me and give it a try.  You will be thanking me later when you have a new super tasty, ultra healthy go-to dinner recipe.




To make a slightly different variety of “beauty bowl” from the one I suggested above, you could sub out the falafel and instead add in quinoa (which has all nine essential amino acids in it, helps build strong youthful skin, hair, nails and repair with daily damage.  Also supports healthy digestion, is gluten-free, and loaded with minerals and protein) and chicken.

To make this beauty bowl, its pretty simple.  Cut up the fruits and vegetables, then throw everything together in a bowl.  Its that easy.  Fifteen minutes tops and you’re done.  Mine is more artfully arranged and took more time to put together because a photograph was involved.  Yours does not have to be the same.

To cook the sweet potato, stab the surface with a fork all over.  Then microwave for 4-5 minutes.  The sweet potato is done once you can insert a fork into the surface easily.  If the surface is still firm/hard, it needs to be microwaved for longer.

As for the falafel, I purchased a make-your-own kit.  Therefore, you can either do the same, or go the truly bad-ass route and make your own from scratch.  Or you can go a different route entirely and use chicken for your bowl instead of falafel.  If you choose to use chicken, I recommend purchasing boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Spoon some olive oil on the surface so the chicken stays moist while in the oven, then cook on 350 degrees F for roughly 15-20 minutes until the inside when cut into with a fork and knife is completely white (there should be zero pink).

Enjoy!!!  Your body will thank you for this one.


3 thoughts on “Brookes Beauty Bowl

    1. Thank you very much, Debbie. I really appreciate the compliment! The recipe is super tasty (I just had it last night myself for dinner actually), so if you try it out, let me know what you think.


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