Coconut Curry Shrimp Quinoa Bowl

Happy New Years Eve, all!  Edible item #34 is another “beauty bowl” of sorts.  I decided to stick with the both “easy” and “healthy” trend for the moment.  This one is so simple to assemble that actually, its slightly embarrassing.  The taste payoff is a big one, just so yummy when compared with how quick it is to make and then be digging in mere minutes later.

The coconut curry sauce goes AWESOME smothered atop the shrimp, mixed with the subtly nutty taste of the quinoa, the crunch of the bell peppers and onions adding a great texture variety, the mango lending a surprisingly light sweetness, brightening the entire dish.  All of the flavors and textures come together really nicely, balancing one another out and playing well with each other.

The ingredients needed are:

-Quinoa, cooked (follow instructions on the packaging.  I will often make a huge batch of quinoa when I do cook it, so that I am armed with leftovers over the next couple of days.  This makes tossing together a variety of these easy-to-make bowls a cinch).

-Arugula or spinach


-Red onion, sliced

-Mango, cut into bite sized cubes

-Mushrooms, sliced

-Red pepper, sliced or cubed, you choose

-Coconut curry sauce (I get mine from Al Natura.  You can likely find some of this at Whole Foods, or any local super market.  I imagine you could also make your own as well!)

  1. Cook the shrimp on medium heat in a frying pan for 5-6 minutes, until no longer translucent and cooked through.  Add the mushrooms into the same pan, cooking them together with the shrimp for the entire duration.
  2. During the last 2-3 minutes of the shrimps cooking time, add the onion and peppers into the same pan, just to soften them every so slightly.  Stir everything together.
  3. Meanwhile, layer the bottom of a bowl with quinoa.  Put a handful of greens on top of or alongside the quinoa.
  4. Dump the finished pan of cooked shrimp, mushrooms, pepper and onion onto the quinoa and greens.
  5. Spoon the cubed mango on top.
  6. Finish off with some coconut curry sauce.
  7. Stir everything together and enjoy!  Absolutely delectable.


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