Mint Rice with Shrimp and Vegetables

Hi all,

This recipe is actually called Pudina Rice.  Its an Indian recipe, which I had the honor of sampling when my dear friend, Bhakti invited me to dinner last week.  A celebratory and farewell gift for my big impending move.  And man, what a gift it was.  This was DELICIOUS, wow.  Not generally a fan of mint, finding myself hesitant when she told me it was one of the main ingredients.  But, whoa.  It was so yummy, loving every bite and even heaping a second portion onto my plate.


Along with the rice, she served me a floury savory bread.  Ladoo, be still my heart (absolute favorite Indian sweet, discovered on account of Bhakti ;-)) and a light, sweet, lovely carrot salad type of dessert.  Made with condensed milk, sugar, carrots and I am not sure what else but this was incredible.

You can find the recipe for Mint or Pudina rice here.  I recommend making a bigger portion so you have leftovers.  Then its easy to toss some shrimp, chicken or other protein on top over the next few days.  Add some fresh vegetables, and you are good to go.  A super quick meal when needed.  Easy dinner and/or lunches for the next few days!

How to make this dish:

  1. Head to the link I mentioned in the previous paragraph for how to make the Pudina Rice.  Or, here it is again.
  2. Pick a few vegetables of your choice.
  3. Choose a protein to add on top.  The options are endless.  Tofu, chicken, salmon, shrimp, etc.
  4. As the rice is finishing cooking, simultaneously cook your protein of choice.
  5. Chop up the vegetables (I went with red pepper, spinach, avocado and mushrooms).
  6. Toss everything together in a bowl.  The mint rice, your protein and the vegetables.  I usually keep my veggies raw.  More nutrients that way.  Or, toss them in a frying pan on medium heat with some coconut oil for 3-4 minutes.
  7. Enjoy!!!

IMG_1022 (2)

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