Sweet Potato, Bacon and Egg Bowl

Ready for the easiest and tastiest breakfast you’ve ever had?  Here goes.  Just five ingredients needed.  Super healthy, rich, filling, SO yum.  I eat this one several times a week.  And imagine that after sampling it, you might find yourself doing the same ;-)Delicious and keeps you full for hours afterward.

This recipe serves one person so for two people, just double everything.  This entrée is Paleo, Whole30, grain/gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.  Enjoy!!


1 sweet potato, cooked

2-3 strips of bacon, cooked

A handful of spinach

1/2 an onion, chopped

2 eggs, fried

  1. To cook potato, pierce the surface all over with a fork.  Microwave for 4-5 minutes on medium/high.  Once a fork is easily inserted into the potatoes surface, its done.  If still firm, microwave for a couple more minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the bacon on medium heat in a skillet.
  3. Once the potato and bacon are done, I place the potato in a bowl.  Cut it open to air out/cool down.  Then put the bacon on top.
  4. Meanwhile, I crack my two eggs for frying right into the pan with bacon grease and cook them in there.
  5. Once the eggs are done (I do them sunny side up so the yolks will run all over everything once I put them in the bowl.  YUM), slide them onto the sweet potato and bacon concoction.
  6. Add on the handful of spinach and sprinkling of onion.

IMG_1226 (2)

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