Foragingly Festive Mushroom Cheese Bake

Hi all!¬† Happy winter, eh? ūüėÄ

In the taking advantage of a recent grocery shopping mishap on my end (accidently getting maitake mushrooms instead of cremini- I know, I know, how does one make such a mistake?), I decided on whipping up something healthy, loaded with veggies, but with a touch of comfort foodie goodness to it.  With the weather having made a nosedive up here in New Hampshire, in terms of the brisk factor, it seemed a fitting entrée for the frigid air outside.

This one is gluten/grain free and sugar free, though it does have some dairy with the addition of the cheese.¬† If you wish, use dairy free cheese instead and you’ll have a delectable, healthy vegan side dish.

IMG_2507 (2)

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Grain Honey Mustard Marinated Salmon

Happy Monday, all!

For recipe #2 on Brooke and Maxxs Culinary Crafts, we decided on a honey mustard marinated salmon accompanied with a side of sweet potato fries.¬† Our attempt at going semi healthy and lightening things up after the swan dive taken into wholehearted consumption of the sweet stuff over the last few weeks ūüėČ

This recipe may be really good for you but it tastes awesome.¬† In Maxxs words, “fun to eat” with the tiny, almost bead-like texture of the grains atop tenderly cooked salmon.¬† The zest of the mustard playing well with the subtle sweetness from the honey added to it.¬† Sweet potato fries, the perfect of sides for this simple but comfort foody, totally satisfying plate.



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Spaghetti Squash with Kale & Sundried Tomatoes

Hi all,

With autumn well under way, and really, winter just on its heels, something in the squash family seemed fitting for an entrée choice.  This is also a great one because its easy to make, and its ultra healthy.  Finding foods that fit under the comfort food umbrella while not wrecking havoc on your waistline can be a challenge feat during the colder months.  This dish is just the ticket for that elusive eating experience.

Recipe #1 for a reoccurring weekly post titled: “Brooke and Maxx: Culinary Crafts.”¬† What is this exactly?¬† The joining of two culinary forces, a meeting of the minds (as well as hands and creativity) in the kitchen.¬† Both bananas about food, recipe experimentation, the sampling of new dishes, discovering interesting restaurants, and perfecting personal favorites, as well as eating all things sweet in (too much) abundance.¬† It seemed a fusion of these two personalities and passions was a no brainer.

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Salmon Pesto Zoodles

Hi all,

Long time, no post.  I admit, this ones a bit of a cheat but a delicious one, nonetheless.  Healthy, light in calories, while full of flavor and totally tasty.  Easy to make on a weeknight after a long day of work and hits the spot just right.

This recipe serves two people.  Its gluten/grain free, can be dairy free if you either omit the pesto or get a vegan version, and is of course sugar free.

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Fall Harvest Quinoa Bowl

Happy Autumn Everyone!

Quinoa, once you learn how to make it, is one of the most versatile, easy to cook with, enticing blank palettes for a plethora of lunch and dinner options.¬† I cook my quinoa in bulk, always making two or three times what’s needed for whatever particular meal I’m making.¬† Its so easy to pile some in a bowl the next day, top with a smattering of veggies, a protein, some sauce (I love either pesto or coconut curry sauce) and, viola.¬† A mouthwatering meal at the ready.

When initially assembling this particular Fall Harvest Bowl, I was slightly hesitant, imagining the flavors to be potentially too bland.  On the contrary.  It was vibrant, flavorful, nutty, crisp with the crunch from peppers, the herby taste of the pesto, all utterly delicious.

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Portbello Mushroom Burgers

Hi all,

Love burgers but wish they weren’t loaded with all those heavy¬†carbs?¬† This recipe delivers the taste without all the extra bread.¬† Get excited for this one, its¬†the bomb.¬† Summer is THE time for burgers, and the season isn’t over just¬†yet ;-).¬† Lets milk burger season for all its worth, eh?¬† Enjoy this healthier but just as mouthwatering rendition.

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Cheesy Cauliflower Pizza

Holy crap.¬† If I had known pizza without crust/gluten/grains could be this amazing, I would have started making this stuff years ago and ditched the real thing.¬† I know.¬† Die hard pizza fans are probably slamming their laptops shut right now, giving me the hand.¬† I am telling you though, made this for my mom tonight who¬†said upon tasting¬†“whoa,¬†absolutely delicious.¬† That was incredible, Brooke.”¬† Though she has liked my other recipes and remarked on them being tasty, her feedback hasn’t been this enthusiastic prior to tonight with this recipe.¬† I too was skeptical¬†on biting the bullet and giving this one a go.¬† No longer.¬† I swear, try this.¬† You will be stunned, mouth watering as you consume the entire thing, and promptly hooked.

IMG_1711 (2)

This recipe is grain/gluten free.¬† Its low in calories.¬† Loaded with flavor.¬† Also, you don’t need to follow the measurements to a T.¬† I improvised a bit myself and it came out incredible.¬† Make your measurements roughly what I’ve listed below but don’t worry at all¬†about being exact.

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Summer Squash Quinoa Bowl

Ready for a super easy, light, ultra healthy entr√©e recipe?¬† And one that tastes awesome to boot?¬† ūüėȬ† This one is grain/gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.¬† Its filling and loaded with flavor.¬† I¬†have discovered¬†Quinoa to be the perfect base for a plethora of fun, healthy¬†dishes.¬† So, without further ado, here is another one for ya ūüėČ

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Quinoa, Bacon and Sweet Potato Salad

Ready for this one?  A five ingredient entrée.  Its grain-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.  Super tasty.  Filling.  Light.  The combo of different flavors and textures surprisingly awesome together.

So without further ado, the five ingredients are:

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Green Goddess Zucchini Pesto Pasta

Hi all,

Get excited for this light, healthy summer dish.¬† Loaded with ingredients to get your skin glowing, that are filling but light, and just totally tasty.¬† I used noodles made with chick peas, so technically no grains/gluten in my “pasta.”¬† Do the same for¬†making¬†this one¬†even lighter and healthier.¬† Normal pasta works just as great too though.¬† Its up to you, depending on your dietary preferences!

This one will keep you lean and full of energy for those longer summer days (and lesser clothing temperatures ;-p).

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