Cowboy Black Bean, Egg & Veggie Skillet

Christmas is coming, which means dessert and sweet overload, am I right?  I imagine many of you would welcome a healthier dish to offset the massive caloric bomb the holidays has so aptly deployed to your waistlines.  I have just the dish.  In fact, it was my breakfast this morning which I inhaled while nearly moaning in pleasure, the combination of flavors so yum.

Recipe #28 is my own New Hampshire country girl riff on Huevos Rancheros.  This dish is rustic and homey.  It tastes AWESOME.  Its insanely easy to make, one can throw this together in less then 15 minutes, no problem.  You will be satisfied for hours afterwards.  Its filled to the brim with healthy ingredients and is low in calories.

This recipe is of course is gluten-free and sugar-free.  The lactose in this dish is quite low, though you can omit it entirely if you like by not using any goat cheese.  This recipe is also, essentially, raw.


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