Sunflower Butter Energy Bites

Happy New Year, all!!!

For recipe #35, I thought I would venture back into sweet territory.  You guys know I cant stay away for too long 😉

This particular recipe dances on the line between dessert and mildly healthy snack.  It is refined sugar-free, save for the small handful of mini chocolate chips thrown in at the end.  Therefore, if you want 100% sugar free, omit the chocolate chips (or, if you can find sugar free ones, use those).  They are gluten-free and basically lactose-free (again, save for the small amount of chocolate chips).

These are super easy to make, less then 10 minutes, and shockingly they are a favorite among those who have sampled them.  They taste almost like eating raw peanut butter cookie dough.  Mmmmmm.  Really delicious.  Be careful, these guys are rather addictive.  Dont say I didn’t warn you…

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