Lavender Honey Whipped Cream


Recipe #3!!!  This would be the perfect accompaniment to most of my pancake recipes (stay tuned for more of those).  It would also be excellent peaked atop a slice of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, any pie really.  It would be delicious heaped on a pile of the pumpkin lavender pancakes, the recipe for which I posted prior to this one (hint, hint).  A spoonful on top of a slice of chocolate cake would be absolutely delectable.  The lavender paired with the richness of the chocolate would be outstanding.  You get the idea.

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Pumpkin Lavender Pancakes


Recipe #2!  Anyone who knows me at all is aware of the Brooke fun fact that as of late, pancakes has become one of my most sought after and coveted items to eat. Obsession may be an even better word choice.  Ive even heard the word “addiction” thrown around among friends once or twice.  Just to be clear: I. Love. Pancakes.

I imagine the beginnings of this love affair were planted when, growing up, my Mom often whipped up “Mighty Goods” for my eager brother and me on Saturday mornings.  This was her own pancake recipe and they were, in actuality and not just in name, mighty good.  With that, my already smitten heart took off running.  In fact, the recipe you are reading is a spin-off on her Mighty Goods with my own alterations and tweaks added.  Now, back to pancakes and how awesome they are.

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