Matcha Blueberry Chia Pancakes

Oh man, its the weekend.  And you know what that means…brunching time!!  Weekends are for long, luxurious brunches.  And this unquestionably means pancakes, at least in my world ;-).  A tall stack, ideally doused in maple syrup, couples with eggs and bacon.  These ones are filled with several unique flavorings, all tossed together resulting in this loveliness.  Both to look at as well as for eating.  Pretty, aren’t they?

Matcha.  Blueberries.  Chai Seeds.  Chocolate Chips.  Honey.

Plus, they are gluten/grain free, dairy free, sugar free.  Enjoy!

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Matcha Raspberry Pancakes

Matcha is majorly trending right now, as I am sure you have noticed.  Matcha tea, matcha lattes, matcha desserts, matcha truffles, matcha smoothies.  That’s because supposedly Matcha (a super concentrated form of green tea) is AWESOME for you.

Just a few of the said benefits: its high in antioxidents, enhances ones sense of calm, boosts memory and concentration, boosts endurance, can help clear up skin, detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, the list goes on.

Man oh man, for all these noteworthy benefits, how could someone not add a bit of this super powered tea to their diet?

Without further ado, enjoy my latest creation from the weekend.  Major YUM.

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Matcha French Toast

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Sundays are for brunching.  For mornings that stretch into early afternoon spent in bed (or on the couch, or sitting on ones balcony or outside on the deck) with a gripping read in one hand and breakfasting with the other.

Matcha French Toast is the perfect dish for this lazy, luxurious weekend lie in.

Did you know that Matcha…

is high in antioxidants, enhances your sense of calm, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy levels and endurance, increases metabolism, detoxifies the body and helps strengthen the immune system.

If that isn’t enough reason to add some Matcha to your diet, I am not sure what is.  For those who find themselves slightly unsure of what exactly Matcha is, its green tea but in a highly concentrated form.

This recipe is refined sugar-free and lactose-free.  It is not, however, gluten-free (though it could be made so if you opted to use gluten-free bread.  If you don’t have a gluten allergy though, I recommend using the Challah bread.  Its PERFECT for this recipe).


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