Mouthwatering Matcha Tiramisu

Hi all,

For column #3 of Brooke and Maxxs Culinary Crafts, we decided something with Matcha to be striking our sweet tooth fancy this week.  Deliberating between Matcha chocolate bark, Matcha brownies, or this green tea twist on Tiramisu, we went with the latter.

This dessert doesn’t use refined sugar, though it does have coconut sugar.  So technically its outside the perimeters of the Sweet. Raw. Free. concept, but its well worth the cheat.  This dessert takes minutes to whip up (the waiting required afterwards is the hard part, requiring the two of us nearly sitting on our hands in anticipation).  Just a hint of sweetness coupled nicely with the subtly bitter green tea taste, the cream is light and airy, the lady fingers spongy and moist.  Making for a dang good dessert, dangerously easy to inhale.

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Mostly Healthy Matcha Truffles

Happy Sunday, all!

As you know, Matcha is having a moment right now.  Majorly trendy and for good reason.  Its amazing for your health.  Boosting all sorts of benefits such as: helping to clear skin, strengthening immune system, increasing energy.  The list goes on.

IMG_9470 (2)

Matcha also tastes awesome when paired with chocolate, as well as with berries.  To name two of the fabulous pairings with this superfood discovered within my own cooking and baking experiments.  Matcha French Toast and Matcha Pancakes with Raspberry and Chocolate Chips, two bombastic dishes within the last couple of months.

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Matcha Cake with Buttercream & Raspberry Frosting

Hi all!  I realize its been a while since a recipe has appeared on this blog.  But good things come to those who wait, and I have several recipes, the results from my kitchen experiments that took place over this past weekend, ready and about to come your way.

I have been on a major kick with regard to all things Matcha, which those of you who have read through my other recipes are aware of.  Not only for the fact that I love green tea, but also because its amazing for your health!!

I was skeptical when baking up this particular Matcha cake, worried it wouldn’t come out tasting as delectable as I hoped.  I was especially anxious because I would be serving it to friends with high expectations 😉  However I was relieved to find this cake immediately claimed as the favorite sweet on the table!!!


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Matcha French Toast

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Sundays are for brunching.  For mornings that stretch into early afternoon spent in bed (or on the couch, or sitting on ones balcony or outside on the deck) with a gripping read in one hand and breakfasting with the other.

Matcha French Toast is the perfect dish for this lazy, luxurious weekend lie in.

Did you know that Matcha…

is high in antioxidants, enhances your sense of calm, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy levels and endurance, increases metabolism, detoxifies the body and helps strengthen the immune system.

If that isn’t enough reason to add some Matcha to your diet, I am not sure what is.  For those who find themselves slightly unsure of what exactly Matcha is, its green tea but in a highly concentrated form.

This recipe is refined sugar-free and lactose-free.  It is not, however, gluten-free (though it could be made so if you opted to use gluten-free bread.  If you don’t have a gluten allergy though, I recommend using the Challah bread.  Its PERFECT for this recipe).


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