Moms Traditional Christmas Cookies

Happy Holidays, everyone!  I am not going to count this recipe towards the 250-in-one-year goal, as it doesn’t really fit the criteria.  There is both sugar and gluten in this one.  However, I can promise you that this one time, its absolutely worth it.  I made an exception because this recipe is particularly special to my heart.

My mom used to bake up batches this exact cookie recipe for my brother and me every single Christmas, throughout our childhood.  I awaited this time of year almost solely based on these cookies.  She would press the dough into heavy iron mold castings.  Shapes of ballerinas, drums, sleighs, bells, Santa Claus, rocking horses, the list went on.  When they were finished cooking, we would ever-so-gently dig the pillowy cookies out of their molds with the edge of a knife.  The result was a three dimensional shape which we would proceed to cover in colorful frosting and decals.  The taste, awesome.  Light, sweet, cakey, divine.

Typically I would down 5 or 6 of these per decorating session.  My mom would come to the table and grow wide eyed upon seeing the significantly diminished number of cookies left, asking where so many of the cookies had gone.  My brother and I said nothing, our silence and sneaky smiles giving us away.  These cookie decorating evenings were always a great source of contentment and joy for me.  Lots of giggling and coziness came from sitting next to my mom and brother as Christmas music lulled in the background.



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