Walnut Cardamom Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting

Talk about a fantastic fall time cake.  Though its delicious and delectable anytime, this one is especially autumn appropriate in terms of the flavors and spices.  Walnuts.  Cinnamon.  Cardamom.  Ginger.  Buttercream frosting.  Get excited for this cozy cake.

The best parts?  Gluten/grain free, and low in sugar.

This is a cake you can feel much better about eating than the usual flour and sugar laden recipes one finds in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and widely served up at celebrations.

IMG_4518 (2)


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Pumpkin Chocolate Cake

December, one of the best months of the year.  Christmas lights twinkling.  Fires roaring in hearths and rustic wood stoves.  Mittens and scarves have officially made a reappearance.  Hot chocolate and tea are constants on rotation as the comforting warm drink of choice (alongside of coffee, which diehards tend to drink all year regardless).  Decorations are hung.  Christmas music is played, to an annoying degree for some (though personally, I love it).  Cookies are baked and piped with colorful icing.  Cards filled with affectionate sentiments are penned.  Church on Christmas Eve with choir sung carols, magical.  Finding for the perfect personal gifts for those you love.  Thick books truly ideal for this month of the year, diving into an immersive, spellbinding, towering tale while holed up under your favorite blanket.  Snow, a glittering blanket across the landscape.  All of this and more is why I think December is fantastic.

Another awesome aspect of December…chocolate cake.  This particular cake is decked out, much like the halls, during this month of the year (wink, wink).


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Superb Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake



Alright, people.  Recipe #12 is a major gift.  This is, hands down, my personal favorite recipe to make and eat on a regular basis.  It is DELICIOUS.  One would never guess that this cake is chalk full of good-for-you ingredients.  It tastes like a fudgy, decadent, dense, rich chocolate cake.  However unlike a typical chocolate cake which is loaded with sugar, calories, bad-for-you fat and all sorts of things that are terrible for your body, this one is gluten-free, refined sugar-free and lactose free!!  It hits all three health points.

For about a month, I was whipping up this bad boy every weekend.  Its that good.  On second thought, you might not want to try out this recipe.  It will change the way you eat chocolate cake forever.  The recipe may sound and look slightly complicated to initial onlookers.  Dont worry, its not.  After making it twice, I have the process memorized.  Its super easy to throw together.  And then you have the awesomeness of a healthy chocolate cake in your house for enjoying alongside of your tea and coffee for the next week.  You’re welcome 😉

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